Production Update

We've had a bit of a delay, I just wanted to let everyone know as soon as we knew we would miss our September deadline.

The worldwide chip shortage has affected us a bit,  the vendor we had lined up is giving us an extremely long lead time, so we are trying to source as many motor control boards as possible from other vendors.  

Additionally production for the leg covers (the large segmented rectangular tubes that cover the lifting mechanism in the legs) has taken longer than we expected.  We are building these ourselves, so we are still working to streamline that production method.

We are aiming to ship in the first half of November, sorry to bear bad news but it is unavoidable at the moment.  

The rest of the production is moving along well.  The tabletops and remaining frame structure have had no issues.  As soon as we have an exact date for shipping I will post that on here.

- Greg