Shipping Status

Hi Everyone,
We have still been working nonstop to get these out as soon as possible, we need one more month (May 15th) before we start shipping. I am trying to be as accurate as possible with out ship date, but sometimes it takes longer than we expect.
I just want to set expectations, we are going to ship serially, so as soon as we finish assembly of a desk we will ship it out. This means we won't ship all the desks at the same time. It will take us approximately 40 days to assemble and ship all of our orders. We will be shipping first come first serve, so the last order on our docket will ship around June 20th.
Sorry to keep delaying, I promise we are working every day to make these a reality. If this is too long to wait, let me know and I can issue you a refund.
Thank you all for sticking with us, this product and our company would not exist without you and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate how patient everyone has been!!