Why We Started Uppeal

Why We Started Uppeal

Why We Started Uppeal

To understand how the Uppeal Desk is redefining the traditional work environment, I want to share how the idea of our adaptable desk was born from necessity.

My Story

Engineers typically spend their work hours at their desk for long periods of time. That’s a given.

Whether we’re seated in front of a monitor poring over designs or computer code, trying to build or fix something, and more - spending time at the desk comes with the job description.

And as an engineer myself, I'm no different.  

My days at work as a mechanical engineer are spent creating build-to-print drawings and modeling hardware products. I love the challenges that come with engineering and design, turning an idea and bringing it into reality. 

When something you spent so much time and effort building virtually comes to life in the real world, it is thrilling. However, I began to notice the many sedentary hours take a toll on my body.

From muscle aches, cramps, and bad posture, I could see that there were real costs to my work style. Sitting for all day may sound easy, but there are detrimental affects to a person's health when doing this for years on end.

I wanted to change that.

What Was Available in the Desk Market

So, I set out to find desks that could meet my needs. First, I did my research and discovered an abundance of articles regarding the benefits to health and productivity when using standing desks. It seemed like a great way to improve my daily routine.

I began to research the existing products that were commercially available, eventually purchasing my first standing desk. 

Problem solved. After using it for a few days, I fell in love with the ability to change my from sitting to standing at the push of a button. If I was stuck on a problem or uncomfortable, I would switch from sitting to standing or vice versa, noticing a significant improvement in my focus.

Seated, Standing… and Floor-Sitting?

This was a great solution, but my engineering background begged for even more customization:

If I wanted to stretch or mix-up my work environment even more, I would spend time seated on the floor using my coffee table as a desk. Considering all of the benefits that floor-sitting offers and my ongoing research, 

This made me wonder if there was a desk that incorporated all three: sitting, standing, and floor sitting.

I assumed that there must be an option for this type of versatility, but after looking online I found nothing that had this capability.  I felt that I could develop a desk that met my needs.

So I set about designing my own desk.

Defining the Uppeal Desk

In addition to the option of being able to work while on the floor, I wanted more than my current desk offer. The truth is that after the novelty of my standing desk wore off, I began to notice design flaws that others had missed.

  • I wanted the desk to raise and lower smoothly and quickly. When changing configuration, I didn’t want to necessarily break up my train of thought or topple over my expensive equipment.
  • Desks should not be obtrusive or gaudy things, but should seamlessly integrate with your workspace.
  • Stability was also a concern. Throughout my workday, I noticed the first standing desk would cause my monitors and other hardware to shake and wobble. I wanted a sturdy, stable base to work on.

With these elements in mind, we spent months developing a prototype that was unlike any other desk on the market. 

Our Mission: Redefine How We Work for Health and Productivity

At Uppeal, our mission is to go above and beyond when we design functional products for top-performing customers.

Simply put, we’re making a product that enables optimal productivity and the versatility needed for your well-being. Our functional and minimalist designs not only reflect our dedication to craftsmanship and ingenuity - they also won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

We hope you will stay tuned to learn more about what we offer.

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