Clamp-Mounted Surge Protector
Clamp-Mounted Surge Protector

Clamp-Mounted Surge Protector

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The Clamp-Mounted Surge Protector offers maximum convenience and protection for any space. Featuring three AC outlets and two USB ports, this surge protector clamps securely to tabletops up to 2 inches thick with its aluminum and plastic body. Keep your electronics safe from power spikes with this powerful clamp-mounted surge protector.

Clamps to tabletops up to 2" thick, this surge protector has 4 AC outlets and 3 usb ports.  Made from aluminum and plastic, it is durable and minimalistic.


Black Aluminum and Plastic


Made of black anodized aluminum.


- Configured with 3 USB ports and 4 outlets to provide power to everything desktop device.

- Desk Outlet Data Specification: 100-200V/60HZ/12A/1440W, USB Port: 5V/2.4A (Smart distribution based on your device), with 6.2 FT power cord.

- The table needs to be a distance of 0.47"-0.59" from the wall to allow the clamp to mount to the desks edge.

- Connect the power strip without the need for crawling under the desk to manage cables